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Rosemary Nonny Knight


Rosemary Nonny Knight



What do you do and why is it important?

I work with driven determined business owners and professionals who want to create wealth using their strengths.  They want to enjoy freedom, a wealthy lifestyle without having to capitulate, confirm and continue to live a boring, trapped life as someone they no longer want to be.  Why is it important? We all have one life – Why spend it trapped doing things you no longer want to do?  Why be anyone other than who you want to be?  There is so much to do – It’s time to get to work.

We all have a role to play out on the planet and when we try to deny it and conform, we slowly kill ourselves off and the planet suffers as a result.


When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur and what held you back in the beginning?

I have wanted to be an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember but it was not the done thing in my family.  We were informed of the kind of careers we were going to have from a very early age and I chose to fall in line thinking that I had no other option.  Being brought up in Africa is somewhat different from being brought up in America or the UK as there is an incredible amount of poverty and so there is fear that unless you toe the party line then you will suffer with lack for the rest of your life.

Anyway, now I see it all as the excuses I used to keep myself down but hey, you do not know what you do not know, right?


Many entrepreneurs battle staying motivated as they work towards their goals. What are your best tips for staying motivated?

Decide on a system that works for you.
I personally do not start the day officially until I have a time of prayer and journal-ling.  I then read a chapter of a motivational book to keep challenging my thinking.

I may also listen in to some motivational music and I spend time defining who I want to be that day and what I would like to see happen.

And finally, I always, ALWAYS work with a coach or mentor in order to keep my eyes on the ball and challenge me to be my best always.


I love the saying “wealth starts in the mind.” Can you say a little about how mindset plays a role in success towards reaching one’s goals?

I would say that most of my issues when it came to building a business and turning into an entrepreneur were a mindset issue, not a tips, tricks and strategy issue like I deceived myself into believing.  And I see many make that mistake.

They think that the reason they are not successful is because they have not yet found the magic strategy yet but really, it is usually because there are underlying beliefs that they are allowing to get in the way of them taking the action they need to take with their current knowledge.  Yes, we need to learn some practical stuff but more than that, we need to get our heads in the game.


What are some ways that you stay healthy and fit while being a full-time entrepreneur?

I currently make time to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and I am in the process of recruiting a personal trainer and dietitian to help me out with some of the dietary issues.  The thing, I have finally realized is that if I want to have a huge impact on the planet then I need to keep my body healthy and I had fallen into bad habits by not being deliberate about how much chocolate I let past my lips :-D.  It always feels easier to pick anything up when hungry, rather than take the time to make sure it is healthy but I am getting deliberate about that now.


How do you maximize the time you spend working on your business? How does it differ from when you were also working full-time?

I have simplified my tasks as much as possible and make sure I pay attention to the key areas first before going into more of the administrative stuff.  My four areas of focus are to write, speak, sing and invite.  As long as I do those things consistently, my business continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

And yes, I do mean, sing 😀

When I worked full-time, I had to do what someone else decided were my priorities.  I also had to do it all day every day.  I work hard now but I am able to be with my princesses as well so there is a whole lot of flexibility to my work that was not present before and I enjoy it so much more.  So, work does not feel like work.


What are three key tools or software that you use every day and would feel lost without?

My Samsung Galaxy Tablet & Smartphone

My Computer

My Journal


What is your number one tip for entrepreneurs?

Do something everyday in the direction of your dreams and stay consistent even on the bad days.


Tell us something that is happening in your business that we should know. What are your products and services that we need to check out?

If you are a determined dude/dudette with a burning desire to live a life of purpose, making money, creating freedom in a way that suits you and you are absolutely fed up of conforming, compromising, dampening down your inner champion in order to fit in, then work with me in the Deliberate Millionaire fast track program.  (

Lets dive in together to build a profitable business & create a fulfilling life being the leader you are born to be!


What is the best book you’ve ever read and why?

Best book ever! Well that is a huge question and I have read too many to be able to say but the one I would always suggest people start with is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.  This is an amazing book for anyone ready to allow all the good in.



Rosemary Nonny Knight is the lady people ask for when they are ready to fight for, create the life & business they want. Her special skill is in seeing people’s true potential and she draws it out while helping them build a profitable business.

Rosemary is an Amazon Bestselling author, property investor, international entrepreneur mentor, and the founder of the Deliberate Millionaire, Wealthy Warrior Alliance and The League Of Warriors— online and offline mastermind groups that enable leaders from all over the world to create wealth in all areas of life.

Though she works with clients all over the world, she lives in the UK currently, with the love of her life and three amazing warrior princesses whom she home educates. She knows first-hand what it is like to be busy and yet have a burning desire to play full out in the world.

You can connect with Rosemary and download a copy of her book, Get Their Attention & Make Them Buy – The Step by step Blueprint to generating leads, doubling or tripling your business & exploding your income now., by popping over to her website.

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