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POM051: Teaching Children to Save Money with Rachael Hanible

 In this episode, we discuss: key elements in paying off debt and saving one year’s worth of bills the top …
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POM050: 10 Actions to Prep Your Finances and Business for the New Year

 Many people make resolutions or goals concerning their finances at the beginning of the year. Usually, those goals aim …
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POM049: How Small Business Accounting Affects Financial Success with Erica Booth

In this episode, we discuss: the top financial tip for recent entrepreneurs consequences that can result from not setting up …
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How a Government Shutdown Will Affect Your Money

Well, they’re speculating another government shutdown may happen. If the government can’t agree on the budget before the current budget …
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POM048: Paying off $1Million in Debt with Naseema McElroy

In this episode, I talk with Naseema McElroy about how to plan to pay off debt and how to start …
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POM047: Revealing the Truth About Insurance with Chris Acker

In this episode, we discuss the misconceptions about insurance. We get into disability insurance and why Millenials and entrepreneurs should …
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POM046: The ABCDs of Debt Elimination with Simone Dennis

In this episode, Simone Dennis walked us through tips and techniques to eliminate debt. We discussed: that ABCD technique of …
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POM045: A $100,000 Journey to Debt Freedom with Ericka Young

Debt is something the majority of us have. When you’re married and working to pay off debt, this adds another …
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POM044: Part 2 Why I’ve Been MIA & Personal Finance Lessons

There are a few personal finance concepts that are crucial. Some may be very simple and you are still crucial …
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