Dr-James-black-n-gold-3As The Money Scientist™, I take the scientific process of deducing answers and results and apply it to wealth building. We’ll design strategies to move you towards increased profitability for your business, financial security and freedom.


As an entrepreneur,  you may be frustrated trying grow your business revenue. You are not making much of a profit and are wondering what are the next steps. What should you be doing that is going to help you break out of this current rut. You want to eventually work full-time in your business, but you’re not bringing in enough money. The fear of stepping out and failing, not being able to feed your family or pay your bills keeps you at your j-o-b.


You wish there was an expert to give you tailored feedback. You want someone to provide accountability when you feel you lack the discipline. You’re tired of doing it alone and are overwhelmed. I get it.


If you could have someone design a strategy tailored to your business to reach your revenue goals would you take it? Let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit. Schedule a free consultation.


What will we do if you work with me?

I work with you one-on-one to:

  • assess your current business and financial situation
  • define and clarify your target audience
  • review your business model
  • review your revenue streams and pricing
  • design revenue goals and the strategy to reach your desired monthly revenue
  • create S.M.A.R.T. business goals that will allow you to grow your revenue



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