About Us

Pocket of Money, LLC provides information and resources for individuals ready to step into their journey towards financial success, individuals who want a higher net worth, less stress about money, and the ability to build wealth while enjoying the now.


We provide tools, tips and tricks to help you cut costs, grow your savings, and eliminate debt. We’re here to help you achieve financial freedom. We’re dedicated to helping you take control of your money so that you can live your best life.


Pocket of Money, LLC was founded by Dr. Maria James. She learned important lessons about personal and business finance throughout her life and now uses these skills to help others manage their finances. Dr. James founded Pocket of Money, LLC to share her expertise of financial management and help people effectively utilize their money. Read more about Dr. James, The Money Scientist™.


Our vision is to see the majority of individuals with adequate knowledge of personal and business finance in order to properly manage their money and build wealth.


Our mission is to provide the information and tools to help individuals manage their finances. Using our system individuals will be able to manage their income, acquire needs and wants and achieve their goals.


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