Which Is The Best Tablet for Productivity?


I’ve been debating getting a tablet. I’m all about being green and saving green so a tablet that can act as an e-reader and allow me to be productive on the go. I LOVE reading so I thought this was an amazing idea. Also, I figured digital books should be more cost-effective, save space and be more green. Perfect right? Save money, space and the environment. However, this isn’t exactly what I found on my tablet hunt.


The tablets that allow for real productivity are the iPad and the Microsoft Surface. All the others don’t come close to computing power, I’ll leave out all the technical specs. The iPad costs between $300 – $950, while the Microsoft Surface costs between $450 – $1,600. So all those tablets below $300? Yeah forget about those. Of course the surface and the iPad come with apps so you can get work done on the go, such as analyze a spreadsheet, write up a report etc. It’s a lot of money off the top in order to acquire the device, but the utility may be worth it, especially for the busy professional and entrepreneur.


Let’s see how much the ebooks cost. Maybe the save money and space concept will come in here. My findings? Well, not always. Generally the ebook is cheaper than the paperback version of the book and the hardcover version by a few dollars, 30% – 60% at times. When you’re frequently purchasing books, whether for leisure or business, those savings can add up. However, occasionally the ebook costs more than the paper book. That was surprising. So generally you’ll save money, but it’s not guaranteed.


Just like any other time I’m going to spend money, it’s time to consider my return on investment. I can see a tablet saving me space at home so that I don’t have to get another book case. I really do love to read. I can also see it saving time as I’m able to get things done on the go without carrying a bulky heavy laptop. There are so many times that you may be waiting on something, where you have a 20 minute or more window and can get work done for a project or client that’s earning you hundreds of dollars. Or perhaps need to do an impromptu presentation that helps you close a deal for hundreds or thousands of dollars. It seems worth it to me.


What’s your take? Do you have the iPad or Surface? How productive are you and are you getting a return on your investment?


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