POM000: Introduction to the Pocket of Money Podcast



Hey there Success Rebels, I’m so excited about the launch of the Pocket of Money Podcast. I’m Dr. Maria James, The Money Scientist™. I’m the founder of Pocket of Money where I teach financial empowerment and management as well as how to start and grow businesses to build wealth.


I believe everyone and especially entrepreneurs should know how to make more money and to manage money after they make it. I’ll provide information on how to earn more revenue and how to manage your personal finances so you keep more of your money and use it to build wealth.


We’ll be chatting about information and skills you need to establish financial security as well as using side hustles and small business to increase wealth and your standard of living.


Episodes will be released twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays.


Episodes will be a mix of me teaching concepts as well as having conversations with entrepreneurs who will share tips, information and their entrepreneur journey.


You heard me call you a Success Rebel. What is that and what does it mean? A Success Rebel is a person who is throwing out the “traditional” path to success because it’s not working to allow you to live your desired lifestyle. You’re breaking out of the cubicle maze or traditional job only haze.


You have the gumption to be authentically you whatever that looks like. You don’t have to look or act a certain way no matter your industry, field, age, gender etc. You just need to have the desire to be authentically you as you blaze your own path to success.


I’m looking forward to chatting about entrepreneurship and building wealth. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes. Also give it a rating and let me know what you think.


Until next time.


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