23 Ways to Make Money: Side Hustles.



Sometimes you need to supplement your income; you need ways to make money on the side apart from your regular job. Other times you may have gotten furloughed (as so many people have recently with the government shutdown) or laid-off and need to make money to stay afloat until you get back to work. Enter the side hustle. Strap on your entrepreneurial hat and gloves and get to work on different ways to make money. I’ve listed twenty-three below to help you get started.


1) Online merchant. Sell items online at places like Amazon, Ebay, etc. You can sell things you don’t use that are already around your house. Those boots you’ve only worn once that hurt your feet, sell them. The tennis rackets that were only used a few times before being put in a corner to collect dust, sell them. If you have collector’s items of toys, games etc. consider selling a piece or two. If you bought a toy for $5 and it can now sell for $200 online, that’s a nice return on investment and supplemental income.


2) Self-published author. Have you already written a collection of short stories or a collection of poems? Put them together and read it through to make sure there is flow or ask a person you trust to proofread it. Once you’re satisfied, self publish it. Put your new work in the proper format for the site on which you plan to sell it, and give it a reasonable price. This will bring in some passive income, a nice way to make money that won’t require constant work.


3) Freelance writer or editor. If you already have a great knowledge base in your industry you can write about it for others. There are writers and editors for every subject or industry. You can put the word out that you’re available, charge a low introductory price to get feedback and testimonials from the first few jobs to build more credibility. You can also sign-up on sites like elance.com and fiverr.com to promote your services and get clients.

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4) Barber or stylist. Styling hair is a great way to make money. If you already have clippers and regularly cut the hair of siblings, friends, or your children then you may be able to expand and make a little money. Let your current “nonpaying customers” know you are looking to expand and what your price point is. You’ll already have positive word of mouth recommendations.


5) Babysitter. I often see ads or hear people asking about babysitters. If you have the patience and the knowledge to watch children then this may be a nice side hustle for you. Determine if you need any certifications to give yourself an extra boost or credibility. Research the going rate so you can be competitive.


6) Dog walker. People love their pets and some would spend all day with their four-legged friend if they could, but they need to go to work. They would love it if you could pop in and take their friend for a walk.


7) Pet sitter or house sitter. Has a friend or relative ever asked you to watch their house or go over and feed their cat? Well this is also an avenue for a side hustle or a way to make money. You could become a freelance pet or house sitter. People will pay for peace of mind and to make sure furry or feathered friends stay in good health.


8) Personal assistant. Busy executives and professionals may need an assistant outside of work to assist with everyday errands such as picking up drying cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. If you don’t mind running around a bit this may be a great way to bring in side income. Some people use the term gopher, but I like the term personal assistant. I’ve seen some charge about $50 per hour for these services. Now just starting, I don’t suggest this pricing until you’ve gained positive referrals and recommendations.


9) Personal shopper. Some people just don’t have time to go shopping. You can do it for them; yes they will pay you for it. Say they need a great outfit for the important meeting or office party, they’ll let you know what they’re looking for and you have to hunt it down. So if shopping is something that you like to do then try this out.


10) Seamstress or quilter. If you’re good with a needle, you can make some money. If you sew, crochet or knit you can sell your creations on sites like Etsy.com where people buy homemade items such as hats, blankets, scarves, gloves, doilies etc. If you sew particularly well you could also tailor clothes for individuals.


11) Scheduler. Busy people who aren’t great with organization or just feel they don’t have the time will pay you to create their schedules. If you’re familiar with programs like Google calendar or Outlook, you can try this side hustle. I’ve seen many ads on craigslist for this.


12) Tutor. People are always looking for others who have mastered a subject to tutor themselves or their children. If there is a subject in which you have higher than average knowledge you can tutor in that subject. The most common subjects are math, science, English and test prep (SAT, GRE, MCAT). However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of opportunities for other subjects like foreign languages.


13) Housecleaner. If you don’t mind scrubbing and using a little elbow grease then you can try house cleaning. Housecleaners or housekeepers are still quite common. Do the same mentioned above to gain credibility and get the word out.


14)  Lawn care specialist. Cutting grass and hedges around the house is often outsourced to others. So if you know what you’re doing and have the tools then this may be an option. You could also do things like rake, bag and haul leaves. Clean out gutters etc.


15) Photographer. Already have the equipment and have taken pictures at friends’ events for free? You could start making money here. Turn your hobby into a moneymaker. This is definitely for the person who is already doing photography as a hobby and has the necessary equipment and skill. I do not suggest offering to take pictures at someone’s special event without some experience.


20) Clinical trial subject. You can sign-up for clinical trials that are offering compensation for participation. The description will tell you what is expected of you and the time commitment that is required, usually the longer the commitment the higher the compensation.


21) Workout coach or personal trainer. If you’re really into fitness and health and offer advice to friends and family anyway, you can begin to get paid for this also. Many individuals who are ready to get started working out, want an accountability partner who knows what he/she is doing…and yes they’ll pay you for it.


22) IT troubleshooter. Technology is very important in our daily lives. When it works awesome, when it doesn’t …well you know. So if you’re technologically savvy and know how to fix most problems or problems tied to a specific device or machine then people will definitely pay you to help them.


23) Landlord. If you have an extra bedroom or a part of your house than can be used as a mini apartment, then rent it out. Renting out rooms can bring you in an extra couple hundred a month. Be careful and make sure to check backgrounds and other items to maintain your safety.


A few notes:

As you may have noticed there is a running theme throughout this article. If you have a hobby or a passion that you’re already involved in, you have the knowledge necessary to make money from it. Be creative and think outside the box. Start with an introductory rate and get great recommendations and testimonials.


For every site mentioned check the rules and fees to make sure that it is a lucrative option for you. For each side hustle, do your research so you’ll know exactly what it entails (advantages and disadvantages), how to get started, how you can be competitive and will know what you need for credibility. You can also look up companies that are already hiring freelancers and sign up with them.


Prepare to pay taxes on your side hustle. Fill out a 1099 estimated income tax form to state how much money you’ve earned from your side hustle. Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on how you look at it) the government wants to get paid too.


Do you have a side hustle? What is it and how did you get started? I would love to hear from you.


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