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We have a special guest post by my friend and colleague Sarah Aderson of Expand Your Heart. Read below on what may be stopping money from flowing to you in abundance.


Want to know the real reason why you aren’t earning the salary you want? Want to know why every time you make some money it goes out just as quickly? Do you wonder why you can’t move to a higher income bracket?


The reason for all of these issues is your money story. It’s your relationship with money. A money story based on lack and limitation will play out in your life repeatedly. Whether you realize it or not, you have an unhealthy relationship with money. This is especially true if you feel anxious or stressed out when you pay your bills.


Take a moment to observe your money relationship. Do you have a love/hate relationship with money? What emotions come up for you when you think about money? Are they positive or negative? How does your body respond? All of the negative reactions are proof that your money story is blocking your prosperity. Just like you, money doesn’t like to be where it’s not wanted and appreciated.


Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault. You were totally unaware of the impact your money story has had on your life. It’s very important that you don’t attach any blame, guilt, anger, or shame to your financial situation. It’s just that – a situation. It doesn’t define you or determine your worth as a human being.


Money is simply an energetic number. The negative energy generated from your money story is transferred to your bank account. Your money story is a melting pot of your parent’s beliefs, societal standards of status, spiritual teachings, and your own personal experiences. The good news is that you can create a new money story for yourself starting right now.


In order to usher in prosperity you have to first become aware of your current money story. Pay attention to how you speak about money. Become aware of the fears you have about losing money or not having enough money. Notice the meaning you attach to money. For example, you may think being poor is more honorable than being rich. Don’t judge what comes up, just let it be. Be an impartial observer.


Second, reflect on where you first heard these ideas about money. Who told you money didn’t grow on trees? Were you told that money is the root of all evil? Did you have a bad experience with a wealthy person? Try to pinpoint when you began receiving these messages about money. Again, do not assign any blame. The people involved were simply repeating what they were taught.


Next, forgive yourself and everyone that contributed to your unhealthy money beliefs. Forgiveness will free you from the past. It’s not necessary to actually tell the person that you forgive them. Forgiveness is felt in the heart. Depending on how intense the emotions are you may have to forgive the same person several times. You’ll know that you’ve forgiven them when you can think of the incident without being pulled back in emotionally.


Finally, you’re ready to create a new money story. The old story and negative emotions must be replaced. Here’s how:
• Focus on feelings of gratitude when you think of and spend money.
• Read the cashier’s name tag and celebrate the fact that you can help him/her to feed their family.
• Make a list of all the amazing things money allows you to do.
• Create new beliefs that are aligned with your values instead of your fears. Like, my relationships strengthen as I earn more money.


Your original money story wasn’t created overnight. It will take consistent effort and awareness to create a new one. Notice the abundance that appears as you do. This may come in the form of money, ideas, opportunities, or support from others. Appreciate however it shows up. Remember, the more you have, then the more you can give to others. You’ll always get back what you give.


Your turn! Comment below and share your new money story.


About the author: 

Sarah Aderson, also known as the Leg-a-SHE Strategist, is an international speaker, best selling author, and product creator.  As the founder of Expand Your Heart, she transforms your services into digital and physical products.  Sarah empowers entrepreneurs to charge what they’re worth so they can leave a lasting legacy.

Sarah’s transformational product line is designed to help purposeful entrepreneurs de-stress, envision their dreams, and boldly declare their desires. She has a flair for packaging your passion into profits. Sarah shows you how to build an empire, not just a business. Get your free 2 Hour Product Creation course at


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