How Webinars are Hindering Your Business Progress

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Everyone exclaims how webinars are great for business. As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely seen so many experts offering them. If you’re a recent or aspiring entrepreneur, they all look so good, don’t they? You want to learn from all these experts. The struggle is real. Balancing learning, implementing, and operations can be difficult. You should always be learning more about your industry and business in general. You should always be learning how to optimize your systems. Yes this is true; however, all those webinars may actually be hindering your business progress. Let me explain.


I remember getting to a point where I was confused on the next steps. I didn’t know what else I should be doing in my business to move it forward. I knew I needed more information. Knowledge usually helps clear the confusion. So I signed up for dozens of free webinars, joined numerous lists. After all, you have to learn from those with expertise in the topic or those who are several steps ahead of you in business.

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I usually took a lot of notes during the webinars (the really good ones at least), but sometimes it’s hard to get the big picture on a free webinar. Don’t get me wrong, great content was delivered, hence the notes, but I often still felt that I didn’t know what to implement or sometimes how to implement what I learned. I wasn’t sure what would work for my business and how to get it done. So what did I do? I signed up for more webinars. Tried researching tools and techniques.


I fell into learning paralysis. I was trying to learn more and more and more. However I wasn’t really implementing what I learned. The reason I wasn’t implementing, well at least at an impactful level, was free only gets you so far. The free webinars you’re watching are meant to give you some information you can use, showcase the expertise in the field, and let you know how to get advanced training if it’s a topic that you need to make progress. If you’re convinced that this expert has what you need then you get the advanced training.


In order to make significant progress, you need to invest in yourself and your business. Pay to go deeper into one area at a time so you can get enough detail to truly take action. Free webinars don’t give you the entire process plus the details. That’s NOT what they are! You need access to the details and the step by step action items. Once you’ve made progress in one area then move on to the next topic. Have a category in your budget for business development.


If you fell into learning paralysis, you have a little bit of knowledge on a lot of topics you need for your business. Take these steps:

1) Create a list of topics and systems that you know you need to advance your business, e.g. pricing products/services, creating multiple revenue streams, attracting leads etc.


2) Prioritize the list and determine which is the next topic or system in your business that you need to elevate. This is the one that is going to have the largest impact on revenue aka biggest return on investment (ROI).


3) Learn more about that topic, here is where you can watch a webinar from an expert in the field to assess who has what you need.


4) Buy a program, course or hire a coach that will allow you to take action and better that system in your business.


5) Chart your results in order to calculate your ROI. You will be amazed how investing in more detailed knowledge allows you to make impactful changes, aka more customers served, revenue and profits.


Once I hired a coach and stopped fumbling around, within three months I was a magazine columnist, had multiple clients, increased revenue by 895%. Yep, that’s not a typo. You have to make an investment to get the returns.


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  1. Yes! All of this. Information overload was out to kill me before I began. Even today I still have to fight the Fear Of Missing Out when it comes to webinars. Your tips will make my life easier.

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