POM054: How to Monetize Advice/Skills and Launch a Business without Investors with Ilean Harris

In this episode, we discuss many common concerns for starting a business and making it a success. We discuss how to find and monetize your passion, what to sell if you do not have your own product, and so much more. Ilean covers

  • how to make the biggest impact with your business
  • how to find a mentor
  • how to find your passion
  • how to monetize your passion
  • how to start without a product or blog
  • how to launch without investors
  • how to find your first clients and customers
  • how to determine when you can work full-time in your business

Ilean Harris

Ilean Harris is an award-winning women’s success coach who trains top influencers on how to find their voice, grow their brand, and make sales online. She is a Forbes.com contributor, has customers in 20+ countries, and has launched successful niche businesses in the Latino market.

Resources Mentioned

Becoming by Michelle Obama – book by Michelle Obama

PayPal Pro – system to request and receive payments

Mini Bootcamp: Passion to Profits by Ilean Harris – Free video series to help you start and grow an online coaching business

About Dr. Maria James

Dr. James, The Money Scientist, has expertise with designing income management, debt management, and wealth strategies to help you live your best life. She is the founder of Pocket of Money, LLC and the creator of The Wealth Protocol™. Dr. James has also been a guest financial expert on ESSENCE, WEAA, Madame Noire and more.

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