POM054: How to Monetize Advice/Skills and Launch a Business without Investors with Ilean Harris

In this episode, we discuss many common concerns for starting a business and making it a success. We discuss how to find and monetize your passion, what to sell if you do not have your own product, and so much more. Ilean covers

  • how to make the biggest impact with your business
  • how to find a mentor
  • how to find your passion
  • how to monetize your passion
  • how to start without a product or blog
  • how to launch without investors
  • how to find your first clients and customers
  • how to determine when you can work full-time in your business

Ilean Harris

Ilean Harris is an award-winning women’s success coach who trains top influencers on how to find their voice, grow their brand, and make sales online. She is a Forbes.com contributor, has customers in 20+ countries, and has launched successful niche businesses in the Latino market.

Resources Mentioned

Becoming by Michelle Obama – book by Michelle Obama

PayPal Pro – system to request and receive payments

Mini Bootcamp: Passion to Profits by Ilean Harris – Free video series to help you start and grow an online coaching business

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