Successful vs Unsuccessful People

Your habits and mindset has a great influence on your success, success with finances and life. The above infographic has been circulating after MaryEllen Tribby posted it on WorkingMomsOnly.com. It goes through some great tips and habits that you should institute if you want to be successful and some that you should drop to avoid not reaching success (notice I didn’t say failure). There are definitely some key elements that should be highlighted.

1) Continuously gather knowledge and learn things that will help you move forward. When trying to accomplish a goal, learn all that you can about the subject. Learn about the tools and resources available to you to assist with accomplishing your goal. Unsuccessful people don’t actively gather information and don’t act on the knowledge that they do have. There’s a vast amount of information available to help you master your finances and reach financial success. Actively seek it out and apply the knowledge when you acquire it.
2) Giving to others is necessary. Don’t horde what you know and don’t try to step on others to reach your goals. Many people have a fear of letting others know what they know, of giving to much away. You want others to help and promote you without doing the same for others? It doesn’t work that way. Share information and tools and others will be more likely to do the same with you. If you come across a great resource for saving money, cutting costs, etc share the wealth and let others know. 
3) Accept responsibility for your failure. The fact that this is listed on the successful people side of the graphic says a lot. You cannot reach success without some failures. Don’t give up in the face of failure. Learn the lesson and use that failure as a stepping stone to do even better. Say you wanted to pay off your debt and made a plan to do so but along came an emergency and you had to incur more debt. Establish an emergency fund so you’ll be better prepared next time and move forward.Which habits do you use or need to drop?  

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