The Brave Entrepreneur's Desk: 121 Affirmations & Epiphanies For Motivation and Profits

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Consistency is crucial for success. Motivation is necessary for consistency. This is frustratingly true. As an entrepreneur, you must stay motivated to keep failing forward and making progress.

You’re rebelling against the status quo to get paid what you're worth and design the lifestyle you want. However ... entrepreneurship can be a lonely road.

You have to establish a support network of people who understand the journey, but you also have to motivate yourself.

I’ll explain

  • - how to pick yourself up after major failure moments
  • - major lessons to avoid costly mistakes during crucial stages of the journey
  • - the truth about major common misconceptions repeated by entrepreneurs

I reveal major lessons l learned during my journey, and powerful affirmations and epiphanies that will keep you motivated and progressing as an entrepreneur.

On the days when you think "why did I do this again?”, the prospect you've been talking to for months decides to go another way, or you're going through another failure moment pick up this book.

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