POM060: How to Pay Off Six Figures of Debt as a Couple with Bevin Morgan

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Bevin Morgan is a financial wellness coach providing community and accountability to Black women who are ready to step into financial confidence and abundance.   She has paid off over $200,000 of debt to become debt free. She currently owns two duplexes and is planning to buy six additional units over the next two years. She has made several job and career changes and is currently building a successful business as she works full-time. Her relationship with money has helped her live a life of purpose and ease despite the fact that she’s never stopped working hard (it just doesn’t feel like hard work).

In this episode, Bevin discusses how she dug her way out of taking granola bars from work to survive to paying off $200,000 of debt without only being extremely frugal. You’ll learn

  • steps to create a mindset shift
  • an action plan to pay off debt
  • key tools or tips to get out of debt and stay motivated
  • how to work as a couple towards financial goals


Resources Mentioned:

Bevin Morgan’s Website – get additional information and resources

Bevin’s Instagram profile


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