POM036: Uncovering Uncommon Investing Truths with Meinna Gwet

Investing can seem like a black hole where the majority of us are wondering what really happens when you hand over your money. There are things that brokers and other investing financial experts know that we have no idea about, but that affects what happens to our movie.


In this episode, Meinna Gwet discusses investing. She uncovers some of the uncommon knowledge about what it really means to invest. We discuss:

  • the two options for getting started
  • how a mutual fund works
  • what is an ETF
  • what to do if you want to build your investment portfolio yourself
  • how to research a stock


Meinna Gwet

Meinna Gwet, founder of Bobbyfinance.com. Bobby Finance is a financial literacy blog for young professionals and beginning entrepreneurs. The site explains in simple terms how finance and the global economy operate and how they impact your everyday life. The aim is to empower you with the ability to understand how money works, how it’s made, how it’s managed and how it either gets in your pockets or out of it. Bobby Finance is the platform where you can get smart and simple answers to the most complex financial issues. The blog provides you with tools to make informed and effective decisions about your money, your business, your career and your role in the global economy.


Resources Mentioned:

The Financial Times – gives expert opinion on the market and trends

Bobby Finance – Finance blog for professionals and entrepreneurs run by Meinna


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