POM031: Paying off $47,000+ of Debt in 10 months with Devon Horace

In this episode, Devon Horace explains the steps and methods he used to pay off $47,238.38 of debt in 10 months. Join us as we discuss:

  • a four step method to eliminate debt
  • specific debt elimination strategies
  • increasing income to put more money towards debt
  • his most critical financial literacy tool


Devon Horace

Devon Horace was born in Rochester, NY 1 of 8 siblings in a single parent household. In 2015 he graduated from St. Joseph’s College Brooklyn, NY in Psychology, with a focus in Human Behavior and Cognitive Psychology. In May of 2017, he paid off $37,238.38 in student loan debt, and one month later, saved $10,000. When he isn’t traveling opening stores and conducting brand activations, he spends his time reading financial and business literature, browsing YouTube, volunteering and meeting with small business owners and social media influencers.


Devon recently started his own consulting firm, Horace Consulting, LLC to help other young professionals through their financial journey and become more financially literate. Also provides marketing strategies for brands.


Resources Mentioned:


Mint – budgeting and budget monitoring app

Letgo – app that allows you to sell and purchase items in your area

Facebook Marketplace – app connected to Facebook that allows you to sell and purchase items in your area

The Richest Man in Babylon – personal finance book by George Clason

Rich Dad Poor Dad – personal finance book by Robert Kiyosaki

Think and Grow Rich  – personal finance book by Napoleon Hill


Contact Devon Horace

email: devon@consultinghorace.com

YouTube Channel: Devon Horace

Instagram: d.horace

Twitter: D__Horace 


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  1. I was thinking about switching to the method mentioned a few months ago after realizing I could have paid off or down my school loans a while ago! This just confirmed in heading in the right direction now.