POM029: 11 Business Mistakes to Leave in 2017


In this episode I’m going to cover some business mistakes that we need to not carry over to the new year. Leave these in 2017 in order to grow your business.

Is it a mistake to:

  • chase the hot new trend
  • hire help or contractors
  • skimp on your website
  • not have business social media profiles
  • and seven more.


Resources Mentioned:

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you decide the item will help you and buy it, I will earn a commission. There is no additional charge to you. However, I would never recommend anything to you that I wouldn’t use myself or wouldn’t recommend to my own family. I only recommend things that I believe will be helpful and useful. Do not buy anything unless you believe it will help you achieve your goals.



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