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Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living



I strongly believe in bringing you the best information possible. I would love to introduce Farnoosh Brock, founder of Prolific Living. She is a successful down-to-earth entrepreneur who knows how to balance a healthy life and work while living your dream. She has a powerful story that will help you accelerate living your dream so check her out below.


What do you do and why is it important?

I help people awaken to their life’s purpose, stop making excuses, give themselves permission to follow their own desires, and make a stupendous difference in the world during the one life that they have to live. I feel my work is important because for the first time in my career, I feel that I am actually making a difference and impacting the world in a way that will outlive me. And I feel that this is my purpose, so I can’t help not do it. I must do it.


Many entrepreneurs battle staying motivated as they work towards their goals. What are your best tips for staying motivated?

Well, the first one is to drop the expectation that you must be motivated 100% of the time. You don’t. You are a human being and you are allowed highs and lows, you are allowed slow days, and you are allowed to feel unmotivated. The second tip is tune into how you feel – are you feeling low on energy, unhappy, frustrated, annoyed, bored, and depending on what the emotion is, seek to find the cause and make yourself feel better, because when you feel good, you can do good work. And the third is to stop neglecting your health, stop sabotaging your body, stop drinking alcohol and eating junk food and being too busy to take excellent care of yourself. When you are healthy, your mind can see and think clearly, and you will stay more motivated.


Work-life balance is a big problem zone for entrepreneurs, especially for those who have families. How important is it to stay balanced? How realistic is achieving balance?

Balance has a different definition for everyone, so first, get clear on what’s important to you: Is it family time? If so, how do you define family time and can you agree with your family to have specific times when you are 100% with your family and in exchange, can they understand that you need to focus on your business 100% of the time in other time blocks? It comes down to agreements and boundaries with yourself and with those who are important in your life. Balance is also highly misunderstood. Balance doesn’t mean every single day you take 1 hour lunch and 3 hour of family time in the evening and 5 hours of work. It could mean that during crunch time, you will have less family time but then you will schedule family time for an entire weekend and put work aside. You define your own balance first, then integrate it into your lifestyle.


As entrepreneurs and women we can often neglect ourselves. Sleep and healthy eating are usually two of the first things to go. What kind of impact do you think this has? What is your advice for women entrepreneurs in this topic area?

Tremendous impact. It can destroy your health, wreak havoc to your body, increase your stress levels and stress can be the cause of every disease known to man and unknown to man, and worst of all, it can ruin your skin! 😉 As a woman, I have struggled so much with this because the competitive side of me just wants to work all day and all night, but when my health started to break down in 2007, I had a wakeup call. The thing is, you don’t need a wake-up call. You can choose to awaken now. If your health is not important to you, you can forget about your business dreams, because without your health, nothing else will matter. Guard your health as it’s your greatest asset. The healthier you are, the stronger and more successful a business you shall build.


I love the saying “wealth starts in the mind.” Can you say a little about how mindset plays a role in success towards reaching one’s goals?

Mindset is everything, not just running a successful business but also in living a healthy happy life. You are not just what you eat, you’re also what you believe, and believing positive empowering thoughts will enable you to create your dream future. The opposite is not even worth considering. You know you don’t want it, so stop thinking it and believing it.  You can find a sample audio of these positive thoughts, called affirmations, at my website here:


What are some ways that you stay healthy and fit while being a full-time entrepreneur?

It is different for everyone. For me, it means 2 hour of yoga practice a day 6 times a week when I’m not traveling and walking and eating extremely well when I’m on the road. It means sacrificing social time to go to bed early for that 6am practice, it means doing the practice even when I don’t feel like it, it means being committed and devoted to my health. But the first thing you need to figure out is WHY you want to be healthy and fit. The deeper you understand your why, the easier it becomes to stay fit and healthy.


What is your number one tip for entrepreneurs?

My number one tip is to stop talking the talk and to start walking the walk. I consult and speak to so many entrepreneur-wanna-be employees as well as struggling entrepreneurs who wish they could write a book, create a product, give a seminar, become a speaker, write a blog, sell a service and they spend oodles of time behind this “fear”. Do it already. If you are blocked, get help. Get a coach. Get a mentor. But don’t lose time because that’s your biggest asset in entrepreneurship and you want to use it wisely now, not later.


Tell us something that is happening in your business that we should know. What are your products and services that we need to check out?

Right now, Prolific Living is really proud that our latest product, The Positive Affirmations for Life program has been helping hundreds of individuals believe that they are enough, they are worthy of love, happiness and success. Also, we are going to be launching our second women mastermind for aspiring and new entrepreneurs. This is happening in the spring of 2015 and you can contact me for details on how you can apply and qualify.


What is one tool that you couldn’t live without?

Such a tough question. I think I’d probably die without Gmail, and a second close is text messaging. 🙂


What is the best book you’ve ever read and why?

Ever? That’s the hardest question you can ask this book-lover! Okay I’m going to go with Stephen King’s “On Writing” since we are talking about business and entrepreneurship. In the world of fiction, I loved all of the Game of Thrones books but my favorite was Storm of Swords.


BIO: Farnoosh Brock is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a published author, a speaker and a business coach. She started her own media and publishing company, Prolific Living Inc., after a successful corporate career. She and her husband are full-time entrepreneurs and world travelers. She helps professionals in corporate how to crack the code to getting promoted and advancing in their jobs. She also works with aspiring entrepreneurs on how to leave employment to start their own businesses. She is an avid yoga practitioner and passionately promotes the health benefits of green juicing and smoothies in her health & fitness niche business. For more, check out

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