Frugal and Money Saving Tips Roundup

Living on less can be a bit of an art form, but you’ll be much happier to keep more money in your pocket to spend on things that you enjoy without going into debt to do so. Here’s a roundup of great articles on how to cut costs on various expenses. They go through general personal finance tips as well as tips on saving money for specific expenses. The articles give tips on personal finance in several different categories. Some are very straightforward while others a bit controversial. Nevertheless, there is sound advice here that includes smart ways to save money and put yourself in a better financial position.

Money 101: 27 Financial Tips to Live By


Did you hear about the professor who wrote all the financial advice you’ll ever need onto one index card?

If not, take a look. It’s remarkably accurate and comprehensive. Usually I spend 1000 words or more trying to get one idea across. This week, I’m going to make every sentence count.

Here’s the maximum amount of financial advice I can offer in a single column. (Incidentally, I was also inspired by Morgan Housel’s Motley Fool column, 43 Thoughts About Investing and the Economy.)

If you can’t find something to disagree with among these 27 tips, I’m not trying hard enough.


There are no doubt people out there who think that the words frugal living are actually an oxymoron, but they would be surprised to know that living for less, and with less, will actually improve your quality of life, and the financial aspect is only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re still unconvinced, give these 25 frugality tips a try, and you’ll find that the less you have, the more you gain.


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