Here you will find a list of some of the signature workshops for personal finance, business finance and finance for entrepreneurs. Workshops are listed below.

We all want to have control of our finances, be prepared as possible for life’s hiccups, and live a world-class lifestyle. Have The Money Scientist™ come and show your employees or members how to have more money in their pocket, less stress about money, and luxury in frugal living.

Signature Personal Finance Workshops:

How to Save 5 Figures 2x as Fast

  • Learn how to consistently save money. Learn a system, tips, tools, and resources to reach your savings goals twice as fast.

4 Steps to Conquer Debt Once and For All

  • Learn the four crucial steps to break from the debt-credit cycle. No more paying debt down just to grow more debt and try to pay it down.

3 Easy Ways to Find Money to Invest

  • Learn if you’re ready to invest and where to find the money to get started investing.

Discipline not Deprivation

  • Learn how to structure a money strategy to grow your money and build wealth using seven key personal finance tools. This workshop also includes the three key rules to be disciplined but not deprived.

How to Become Wealthy Without A Complicated Process

  • Remove the confusion around building wealth and learn a four step action process to grow your money. Learn some key elements from The Wealth Protocol™.

Three Major Ways Professionals Sabotage Their Financial Goals and How to Avoid Them

  • Learn the mistakes you may be making that are preventing you from growing your money and achieving financial independence.


Signature Business Finance Workshops:

Prepare Your Personal and Business Finances for Full-Time Entrepreneurship

  • Learn how to set up your personal and business finances to be successful as a full-time entrepreneur so you don’t have to go back to being an employee.

How to Price Products & Services for Profitability

  • Learn how to determine the appropriate prices for your products and services so that each revenue stream is profitable and the business as a whole can be profitable.

4 Key Steps to Accelerate Your Revenue

  • Learn four crucial steps to continue to grow your revenue and move towards profitability.

How to Successfully Handle Inconsistent Income

  • Learn how to handle the ebb and flows of your revenue to successfully  maintain your household and operate your business.

Some successful formats:

Financial literacy is an often overlooked component of professional development. Offering a financial literacy program or workshop will benefit the employees as well as the profitability of the  company.

  • 60 minute session
  • Small group session of 10 or less
  • 2-3 hour training to go in-depth

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