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Don’t go into debt for the end of the year. Save and earn more money with the WISE Money Challenge.

Did you know that people usually get into so much debt during the end of the year holiday season that it can take them until summer the following year to pay it off?


Let’s NOT do that this year. We’re going to flip the script. While still engaging in end of the year festivities, we will also save more and earn more money so we can be ahead at the start of 2020.


I saved over $10,000 on a stipend of $23,000 per year, while still traveling internationally and around the U.S. I’m going to show you how,


Join the WISE Money Challenge and create your own financial success story.

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There is no need to wait until New Year’s to save and earn more money and get rid of the living paycheck to paycheck cycle.

The WISE Money Challenge is a 20 day challenge. You’ll receive a tip to either save money or earn money each day.

You’ll pledge to save a specific amount of money by the end of the month. The tips and taking action on those tips will help you actually reach this goal.

You can post your pledge in the WISE Money Challenge forum. This is where we will also be sharing resources, ideas, and additional tips. 

What's Covered:

One tip will be provided each day via email. Additional tips and resources will be provided in the forum. 

– overall saving money tips

– holiday and end of year earning money tips

– saving money on home and transportation tips

– saving money on food tips

– earning money tips

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