Are you tired of struggling to create consistent revenue?

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Hi I’m Dr. Maria James, The Money Scientist, founder of Pocket of Money. I’m hosting a free webinar to show you: How to create a flow of clients and customers to create consistent revenue.


If you are:

   – struggling to create or increase revenue in your business

   – having some months with no revenue

   – struggling to get more clients and customers

   – wishing you knew a better process to increase sales

   – wondering how to increase revenue without spending a fortune on advertising 


Then join me for the webinar. I’m going to discuss how to create a process in your business that will create consistent sales and get rid of the months with no to little revenue.

What's Covered

How to progress through the 7 phases of entrepreneur finance to reach financial freedom

8 common revenue streams that can be used to design your revenue wheel and revenue pyramid

How to craft a successful sales funnel​ to achieve consistent sales


  • What's needed to scale a business for growth
  • How to close more clients and customers
  • How to accelerate revenue production
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