Why should I join the More Clients, Customers, & Revenue Challenge?
Simple answer ... you're tired of low revenue and need to increase the money coming in to your business.

You need to join if:
you're tired of the feast then famine cycle
you're struggling to get consistent clients and customers
you want a waiting list of clients and customers
you want to know the process that helped me increase my revenue by 895% (this is not a typo)
What's covered?
Revenue is affected by several factors. Your time isn't the biggest one.
Revenue Goal Planning
Attracting Leads
Sales Funnels
Selling Premium Products & Services
Closing the Sale
Most Common Mistakes
We'll cover the specific actions you need to attract more leads, position your product/service, sell products/services ranging up to premium, close the sale and avoid the most common mistakes. All in a FREE five video series.
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Hosted By: Dr. Maria James, The Money Scientist™
About Dr. Maria James, The Money Scientist™
Dr. Maria James helps individuals and entrepreneurs design income and wealth strategies. As The Money Scientist™, she applies strategic planning and scientific analytical thinking to money growth and management. Dr. James hosts workshops, webinars, speaks, blogs, and writes articles to educate and empower about business and money. She has been a guest financial expert on ESSENCE, Madame Noire, Forbes and more. 
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