BRAND NEW: W.I.S.E. Budget Box ($25/mo)

$150.00 $75.00

Go from “I hate budgeting” to consistently planning, successfully budgeting, and saving money every month with the WISE Budget Box subscription. Only $75 per quarter ($25/month).

Just when you start to fall off, the WISE Budget Box will give you a motivational jolt and a box filled with a new set of tools every 90 days. You’ll also have continuous access to the WISE Financial Fitness portal filled with courses, protocols, and digital resources.




Go From “I hate budgeting” to Consistently Planning, Successfully Budgeting and Saving Money Every Month With the WISE Budget Box

Money does not buy happiness, but financial stability and security sure bring peace of mind.

Having enough income to cover bills and maybe treat yourself is not enough. You deserve to be able to go on a vacation and still remain prepared for an emergency.

You deserve to be able to help aging parents and still be able to handle all bills and an emergency easily.

You deserve to be able to give your family the best life and set your children up for future financial stability AND still be financially stable and secure.

A budget is an important tool for achieving your financial goals. However, it can be hard to design successful budgets AND actually use them.

It is much easier to stay laser-focused for a 90 day period than a 12 month period. We’ve noticed that people will fall off using a budget within three months.


That’s why I created the WISE Budget Box to help you successfully budget and move towards financial success.

 The WISE Budget Box will give you a motivational jolt and new set of tools every 90 days. You’ll have continuous access to the WISE Financial Fitness portal to access all the courses, protocols and digital resources.


What’s Included in the WISE Budget Box:


Budget Planner:

The WISE Budget Planner helps you to consistently design a successful spending plan a.k.a. budget as well as keep track of your spending.

  • 90 day planner
  • Full 2 page monthly and weekly calendars
  • Monthly goal planning
  • Daily expense tracking
  • Budget by month and paycheck
  • Mid-month and end of month analyses
  • Side hustle income analyses
  • And more!

Planner Stickers

Use these stickers to add dates to the calendars, mark important days, income, expenses, and goal milestones in your planner. Get creative and make budgeting and financial planning more fun.


WISE Financial Fitness Level 4

WISE stands for Wealth Is Simple to Elevate. This motto is the essence of WISE Financial Fitness. Financial management and building wealth don’t need to be complicated and confusing. This is the self-guided (no personal consultant) level.

Use the courses, tools, resources, and templates to increase your financial fitness and business knowledge. Learn to make more money and keep more of the money you make.

There are two curriculums: one for personal finance (WISE Wealth Up Protocol) and one for business (WISE Be Your Own Boss Protocol).

You will have complete access to the:

  • Online community
  • Monthly Classes
  • W.I.S.E. Financial Fitness™ Score
  • Financial and Business courses
  • Step by step guidance
  • W.I.S.E. Wealth Up Protocol
  • W.I.S.E. Be Your Own Boss Protocol
  • Success Library


Saving and Debt Tracking Sheets

Stay motivated on your savings or debt elimination journey with this visual reminder and tracker of your progress. This will help you eliminate yo-yo saving and staying in the debt cycle.


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