Budget and Debt Template Bundle


What’s Included:

  • Ideal Budget Calculation Template
  • Credit Score Tracking Template
  • Debt to Income Ratio Calculation Template


Part of financial success is knowing your numbers. Some key numbers to keep track of are your budget, credit score, and debt.


What’s Included:

Ideal Budget Calculation Template

Are you working on your budget, but not sure what you should set for each category? You know what you’re spending, but how much should you be spending. Use this template to determine your budget for each category on your income. You can input your income and it will calculate the dollar amount for the major budget categories.


Credit Score Tracking Template

You’re working on increasing your credit score. You know the sites to check your score, but those sites don’t really track to show your progress over a long period of time. Use this template to track your credit score and monitor the changes and progress.


Debt to Income Ratio Calculation Template

Your debt to income (DTI)  ratio is a financial status indicator to show your ability to manage the debt you have with your current income. Lenders often look at this ratio when determining your eligibility for a loan. However, you can also use it even if you’re not thinking about applying for a loan.


Monthly Budget Template

Use this simple budgeting template to create your actual monthly budget. You can enter in your monthly income, budget categories and amounts. The other cells will then self-populate.


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