How to Manage Cash Flow to Save Money Consistently

Date: Wednesday, December 12th

Time: 8pm EST

Hi I’m Dr. Maria James, The Money Scientist, founder of Pocket of Money. I’m hosting a free webinar to show you: How to manage cash flow to save consistently and spend confidently without wondering if the money is there.


If you feel like you don’t have enough money saved and you’re tired of anxiously checking your bank account before spending money, then join me for the webinar.


I will show you how to optimize your budget a.k.a. spending plan to control spending and save more money without the need for large amounts of discipline.


Just fill out the form below with your name and your email. You will immediately be registered for the webinar.


This is a LIVE class so you don’t want to miss it. 

What's Covered

How to design a personal money strategy

How to design and optimize your cash flow

How to craft your ideal budget that you will actually maintain

Date: Wednesday, December 12th

Time: 8pm EST