From Cubicle to Entreprenur Course
Grow your business to escape the cubicle.
This course is for those who want to grow their business and increase their revenue so they can leave the 9 to 5 and become a full-time entrepreneur. This isn’t your average business startup guide or make money online information. All your business systems tie into your revenue. Your very business idea and implementation of that idea affects your revenue and how quickly it grows. Enroll in this class to learn how your idea, revenue streams, audience and business systems affect your revenue and path to profitability.
Live life on your own terms. Live for more than the weekend.
This course includes:
Lesson 1 - Entrepreneur Mindset
Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. Do you have the proper mindset and vision to make it as an entrepreneur? In order to reach your destination you need to be crystal clear on what that destination is. Only then can you devise an effective strategy to get you there. Let's get clear and start the strategy.

Lesson 2 - Your Business Idea and Revenue Streams 
Your starting point affects how fast you'll get to profitability and how much revenue you can make. You may be capping your revenue without realizing. Learn about which revenue streams have revenue caps and why. Make an informed decision on which revenue stream to start with or add to your business.

Lesson 3 - Finding Your Customers and Clients 
In order to make money you have to have people purchasing from you, you need clients or customers. You need to find the people who will pay you, work with you, buy from you. Get clear on how to find your people. Get clear on how to turn them into your customers and clients.
Lesson 4 - Maximizing Your Time 
Time may be more valuable than money. You can get more money, you can 't get more time. As an employed entrepreneur, your time is severely limited by the time you have to spend working for someone else. Learn how to maximize your time so you're not only working in your business, but on your business to move it forward and increase your revenue. 

Lesson 5 - Where to Focus Your Money 
Cash flow is necessary to keep your business alive. In the beginning and during growth cash flow is tight and every dollar needs to be stretched. Often during these phases of business we spend money on things we don't have to simply because we didn't know any better. Learn where to focus your money to get your biggest return on investment and increased revenue. 

Lesson 6 - Funding or Growing Your Business 
In order to build and grow a business, you have to put money into it. Where do you get this money? You have options depending on your phase of business and business type. Get clear on the options on getting funds for your business. Make an educated decision on the best route for your business.
For less than a dinner for two you can get on the path to your dream lifestyle.
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Escape the 9 to 5 and start living life on your own terms
Working for yourself gives you the time freedom that you simply can't get working for someone else.