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The Brave Entrepreneur’s Desk: 121 Affirmations & Epiphanies For Motivation and Profits

Motivation burns out.

Consistency is crucial for success. Motivation is necessary for consistency. This is frustratingly true. As an entrepreneur you must stay motivated to keep failing forward and making progress.

You’re rebelling against the status quo to get paid what you’re worth and design the lifestyle you want. However … entrepreneurship can be a lonely road.

You have to establish a support network of people who understand the journey, but you also have to motivate yourself.

I’ll explain

  • – how to pick yourself up after major failure moments
  • – major lessons to avoid costly mistakes during crucial stages of the journey
  • – the truth about major common misconceptions repeated by entrepreneurs

I reveal major lessons l learned during my journey, and powerful affirmations and epiphanies that will keep you motivated and progressing as an entrepreneur.

On the days when you think “why did I do this again?”, the prospect you’ve been talking to for months decides to go another way, or you’re going through another failure moment pick up this book.

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Would you also like the Business Goals Planner as well?

What’s Included:

  •    – revenue streams review and analysis
  •    – primary and quarterly business goals planning
  •    – marketing and reach analysis
  •    – marketing strategy planning
  •    – sales funnel planning
  •    – sales funnel analysis
  •    – KPI monitoring
  •    – monthly calendars
  •    – monthly goals planning
  •    – daily tasks pages
  •    – monthly analysis of results
  •    – note page after each month
  •    – 30 notes pages for new brilliant ideas

It’s a workbook size 8.5in x 11 in with 208 pages.

This business planner asks you the questions that a business mentor would ask. You will:

  • flush out your business model (revenue streams, target audience, marketing)
  • define your business and revenue goals
  • design a plan to integrate all four business systems for revenue growth
  • design and monitor marketing and sales campaigns
  • analyze results and determine next steps to increase revenue.
  • write and track daily tasks

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About the Author

Dr. Maria James, The Money Scientist

Dr. Maria James, The Money Scientist is the founder of Pocket of Money and the creator of W.I.S.E. Financial Fitness. She has over 14 years of experience building and managing business and personal finance systems.


Dr. James took the critical thinking, analytical and strategy building skills she learned earning a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine and applied it to finances. She saved over $10,000 on a stipend of $23,000 (after taxes). She has built systems that help businesses make $1 million and 12 months. She is help clients decrease overspending by thousands of dollars per month and save thousands of dollars.


“I founded Pocket of Money to help you take control of your money and live a world-class lifestyle. I am constantly studying finance and modifying the tools I create in order to be the most effective and useful. I want to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and skills you need to earn more and keep more money in your pocket to build wealth.” – Dr. James

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