Profit Up Mastermind

You know your business is the ticket. The ticket to having the flexibility to stay home, spend more time with family, travel, help out sick or aging family members, and so much more. 


However that ticket takes a lot of work and know-how to be able to cash it in for your desired lifestyle. 


No matter the reason you started a business you have to have sales to bring in revenue and profits. Profits that are needed for that time and financial freedom. 


You’ve been putting in the work.

You’ve attended webinars.

You’ve purchased courses.

You’ve purchased books.

You’ve tried all the must do techniques from the articles and the groups.

You’ve been in the Facebook groups in the Twitter chats. 


However you’re still struggling to bring in consistent revenue and scale your business. What’s the problem? Why does it seem like other’s are having so much success and you feel stuck? They say fail forward, but you feel like you’re just failing.


Let’s discuss it and get you the information and resources you need in a supportive live session environment. 


Join me for the Profit Up Mastermind.

 It’s a four-week intensive to give you the knowledge, tools, and accountability to increase sales and profits in a supportive environment.

Why You Should Join:

Normally I would list out some bullet points or several questions. However, I’m going to keep it simple with one statement.


If you want to get quality leads, be able to convert many of them to clients and customers, in order to achieve consistent revenue leading to time and financial freedom, then join the mastermind.

By the End You Will:

If you put in the work, by the completion of this mastermind you will have:

  • Sales funnels to attract quality leads and convert more to clients and customers
  • A funnel strategy that melds your products and services to help customers progress to your next solution
  • An optimized business model for year-long revenue
  • A script for sales calls to gain more clients
  • A pricing strategy to increase profits
  • Techniques to maximize productivity within your available time slots

What You'll Receive:

1 – Weekly live class (value $800)

Week 1: Business Model Optimization

We will review several business models and how to modify your current business to bring in more revenue year-round and be scalable. We will review several revenue streams and you will pick the revenue streams best suited for your business and lifestyle.

Week 2: Designing Profitable Offers and Pricing

We will discuss how to design profitable offers around your revenue streams. We will review the pricing formulas in order to make sure that you’re making enough profits not just bringing in revenue.

Week 3: Attracting Quality Leads

We will discuss what you should be doing to get on the radar of quality leads, people and companies who may actually purchase your solutions. Will discuss what may work for you and what is likely not to work.

Week 4: Creating Consistent Revenue

We will design sales funnels for your business to optimize converting leads to clients and customers. Will discuss how to have your funnels flow between one another in order to show the customer and the next best solution for them a.k.a. your next product or service. We will also discuss how to ensure that your sales funnel does not run dry.

2 – Weekly accountability live Q&A sessions (value $200)

3 – Weekly worksheets to accompany the lessons (value $19)

4 – Profit Up Protocol Live Review (value $597)

           – Revenue Streams Analysis

           – Financial Status Analysis

           – Sales funnel Analysis

5 – Welcome Package

  1. 2019 Business Goals Planner (value $59)
  2. Notebook (value $15)


Total value $1,690

Join the Profit Up Mastermind

Standard price is $597. Current discount at $397. Price goes up

Single Payment - $397

Grab a seat in the mastermind at a discount. Make a single payment. Fill out the form below. You’ll enter your payment information on the next page.

Multiple Payments of $105 each

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1) Will there be recordings of the live classes?

Yes. Each class recording will be available for one week after the mastermind ends.

2) How long is each class?

Expect each class to be approximately 60 minutes each week.

3) Can I gift the mastermind to someone?

Yes, you sure can. After your purchase, email us the name and email of the student (the person who will attend the mastermind).

Refund Policy

You must request a refund prior to Thursday January 10, 2019 in order to get a full-refund. After that date, the welcome packages will have been shipped and you will receive a refund minus $70. If you cancel after the intensive has started on February 3, 2019, then you will receive a partial refund.