Did you know one of the main reasons entrepreneurs fail is because they run out of money?

Are you spending hours trying to get your books together?

Have you waited until the end of the year to get your accounting together and vowed to never do that again?

Do you wish you could just hand the financial management off to someone else?

​​​It's frustrating ... matching the transactions, picking the right categories, creating the reports. Reports you need so your business doesn’t fail

We should talk if you're:
avoiding doing bookkeeping because it takes several days filled with frustration and guesswork every time
confused on "what goes where" so you're not sure you have an accurate picture of your business status
needing to determine what partnerships and offers are the most profitable, but don't know how to create the reports
worried about if you're doing it right and won't be penalized by the IRS
wishing you could release the bookkeeping so you can spend that time serving more people and making more money
clear you should be looking at reports, but aren't sure which reports and what to look for on them
wishing you could get your financial data translated into recommended business actions to increase revenue
You may not be able to or want to hire an employee and worry about:
payroll taxes
workers' compensation
disability insurance
medical insurance
retirement plans
paid holidays, vacation days, sick days
You don’t have to worry about that with a virtual contractor.

​When you spend more time working in your genius and doing revenue generating activities you earn more revenue. You're not a bookkeeper or finance expert. Hand those duties off. 

I'm ready. I need a consultation now!
Pocket of Money Bookkeeping
This is for those who need help managing the financial accounts and reports. If you need someone to organize financial transactions and create reports, then this is the option for you. Hand off the financial tasks so you can spend more time making money.
Pocket of Money CFO

This is for those who need a higher level translation of the financial data. If you need someone who can not only handle the bookkeeping but also translate the numbers into business actions, then this is the option for you. Get advice on next steps according to your financial data.

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Let us handle the finances. You go make more money.
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