5 Tips to Afford the Services and Items You Want or Need

  Are you familiar with the common phrase when you know better do better? If only it was that easy. Sometimes you know of actions that you should take to better your health, better your career, progress your money or advance your business, but you simply don’t have the funds in order to do it. How can you afford the services and items you want or need? How can you…

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10 Crucial Items for Your Home and Mobile Office

As an entrepreneur, I need a home and mobile office. When I first started, I figured it would be a piece of cake, after all, I mostly studied at home during graduate school. When I went to the library or another external study space, I was mobile. I figured this wouldn’t be much different. However, having a home office or a mobile office takes a special kind of organization and…

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3 Tips to Successfully Achieve Financial Goals Next Year

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Although you may be in a season where you’re spending more money than usual, now is actually a great time to craft your financial plan for next year. If you want to successfully achieve your financial goals, write out your financial plan now. If you’re an entrepreneur you’ve hopefully been in this mode for quite a while with your business, but did you remember to do this with your personal…

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Top Money Tips For Your Age Part 2: Money in Your 30s

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I often get the question “what should I be doing with my money.” This prompted me to write articles on the top money tips for your age across the decades. We just talked about actions to take in your 20s to increase financial fitness and do the best with your money. Over the next few articles I will go through what you should be doing with your money at various…

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Top Money Tips for Your Age Part 1: Money in Your 20s

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I often see and hear people ask questions such as, “what should I be doing with money?” There are good actions to take with your money at specific ages in order to reach financial goals and establish financial security. Financial management skills are important for the day to day income as well as any large sum of money you may acquire. Building wealth is a long term game. If you’re…

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10 Ways to Make Myself Save More Money

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Saving money can be difficult as you’re usually putting money away for an intangible item, out of sight out of mind problem, for a future occurrence that may never happen. Maybe you make a general statement such as I’m going to start saving because it’s important. This is not motivating enough to consistently save money. You may save for a week or two, but then you’re going to fall off. …

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A 30 Day Save Money Challenge

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As the mornings get progressively cooler, we know that fall is coming and the holiday season will be coming close on its heels. Many of us are prone to overspending during the holiday season, 36 percent of individuals overspend during the holidays by 5 – 30%. Wow. Now, is a good time to start saving up if you haven’t started already. If you’ve been following the recommendations and have been…

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Money and Life Lessons Learned from Moving

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I STRONGLY dislike moving. I moved every year in college and was happy when I moved into a real apartment. However, I inevitably needed to move again. I’d been at the last place for several years and you know how that goes…I accumulated way more stuff than I realized. Now I had to contend with moving furniture, piles of books and papers, and so much other stuff. I didn’t care…

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